Adjunct and Affiliate Professors

Adjunct Professor

Bulmer, Charles E – BC Ministry of Forest & Range
Cao, Fuliang (Sam) – Nanjing Forestry University
Cherubini, Paolo – WSL Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research
Coates, K. David – BC Ministry of Forest & Range
Cockle, Kristina – CONICET-Salta
Drever, Mark – Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada
MacDicken, Kenneth – International Forestry Services USA
Miller-Saunders, Kristina Marie – Fisheries & Ocean, Canada
Krishnamurthy, Ramesh – Wildlife Institute of India
O’Neil, Greg – Kalamalka Forestry Centre
Stoehr, Michael – BC Ministry of Forest & Range
Wilson, Scott – National Wildlife Research Centre

Affiliate Associate Professor

Cooke, Steven – Carlton University
Crossin, Glenn – Dalhousie University
Martins, Eduardo – University of Northern BC