Research groups and projects

Belowground Ecosystem Group
The primary goal of the Centre is to conduct interdisciplinary collaborative research towards the eventual scientific goal of linking structure and function in belowground ecosystems.

Centre for Alpine Studies
The Centre for Alpine Studies serves to coordinate scientific research conducted on alpine ecosystems.

Centre for Forest Conservation Genetics
The CFGC studies the genetic structure of forest trees, and genetic diversity in breeding and deployment of improved varieties to meet current and future environmental challenges.

Forest Genetics and Breeding
A group of labs and facilities dedicated to studying population genetics.

Genomics Tools Training Analyses Centre (GT2AC)
The GT2AC provides services from experimental design to sample analyses to data analyse.

Landscape Ecology Lab
A research lab which addresses the interactions between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Pacific Salmon Ecology and Conservation Laboratory
A lab which studies adult salmon migration survival, behaviour, energetics, physiology, habitat use, and environmental cues.

Stream and Riparian Research Laboratory
This research program addresses questions related to the mechanisms that structure stream and riparian area communities, and how various land-use practices affect those systems.